Van Gogh - Starry Night - Shoulder Bag

Product: Painters Bag Series
Painter: Vincent van Gogh
Artwork: Starry Night, 1889
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Vincent van Gogh, Dutch art impressionist painter. The Western world is one of the most important and influential figures in modern painting. She worked with dynamic lines in her multicolored paintings and highlighted the movement.


Product Features

1) Rope Hanging Shoulder Bag. 

2) Digital printing is made on 100% Polyester fabric.

3) Fabric bag dimensions 45 x 43 cm (+ - 0.5 cm).

4)100% Cotton inner lining is used.

5) The shoulder strap is made from a durable natural 100% cotton thread. Ecru is in natural color. Thickness: 10 mm. Length: 90 cm.

6)It can be washed in lukewarm water, wiped, and can be ironed in reverse on light heat.

7) The fabric does not drain paint in washings and similar situations.

8) Bleach, alcohol, etc. Keep away from products containing.

9) Not suitable for dry cleaning.

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Bag Rope Hanging Shoulder Bag