Da Vinci - Painting / Project Bag

Product: Painters Bag Series
Painter: Leonardo da Vinci
Artwork: The Vitruvian Man, c. 1490
Artwork: Sketch Work
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Leonardo da Vinci, an Italian philosopher, astronomer, architect, engineer, inventor, mathematician, anatomist, musician, sculptor, botanist, geologist, cartographer, author and painter of the era. He opened a new page in the picture with the ambiguous and non-contrasting "Sfumato" technique.


Product Features

1) Project Bag sizes 38 x 55 cm (+ - 0.5 cm)

2) Two-compartment, Strap Belt

3) Product printing is transferred by a digital printing method.

4) Bleach, alcohol, etc. Keep away from products containing.

5) Not suitable for dry cleaning.


Products specifications
Bag Painting / Project Bag