Klimt - The Kiss - Leather Wristband

Product : Painters Jewelry Series
Painter: Gustav Klimt
Artwork: The Kiss, 1907 - 1908
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Austrian painter Gustav Klimt. At a young age, it was severely affected by symbolism and art nouveau flows. It has been one of the most important representatives. He is one of the important founders and members of the Vienna Sezession group. He is also known for his figurative paintings, as well as wall paintings, sketches and other works.


Product Features

1) Material: 100% leather, brass casting (Antique Silver)

2) Size: Width 1 cm, Length 33 cm.

3) Product printing is transferred by pigment printing method.

4) Do not wash in washing machine.

5) It should be avoided the contact with alcohol-like substances with the advice of sensitive use

Products specifications
Bracelet Leather Bracelet
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