Munch - Scream - Cloth Bag

Product: Painters Bag Series
Painter: Edvard Munch
Artwork: Scream, 1893
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Edvard Munch is a Norwegian expressionist painter. In his paintings, he described the most basic experiences of man, such as fear, terror and death. They have made important contributions to the development of the German expressionist movement.


Product Features

1) Rope knitted backpack.

2) 100% Cotton, 245 g / m Made of Gabardine fabric.

3) Cloth bag sizes 35 x 40 cm (+ - 0.5 cm) 4) Product printing is transferred by pigment printing method.

5) It can be washed in warm water. reverse the bag and iron it at a slight temperature.

6) Bleach, alcohol, etc. Keep away from products containing.

7) Not suitable for dry cleaning.

Products specifications
Bag Cloth Bag
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